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Signature Nyonya Laksa (Laksa Lemak)

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Nyonya Laksa (Laksa Lemak)

Serves: 5-6

Level: A heritage recipe, made easy.


  • 1 packet of Donald & Lily’s Rempah Paste

  • 3 tbsp cooking oil

  • 3 stalks of lemongrass, cut and crushed

  • Coconut Milk (depending on your choice and availability):

500ml boxed coconut milk (ayam brand works) to 1 litre water or soup stock

OR 500ml fresh coconut milk to 750ml water or soup stock

  • 10 fried tofu puffs, cut into halves

  • 1/2 cup (300g) of beansprouts

  • 10 fishballs / 15 slices of fishcake

  • 1 cup noodles - mee and/or beehoon per serving or to preference

  • 3 hard boiled egg, cut into halves

  • Julienned daun kesum (polygonum leaves)

  • Julienned ginger torch flower (optional)

  • Salt & sugar to taste

  • Optional: 2 fresh prawns (cooked) per serving or 1 tbsp of fresh cockles


1) In a pot, saute crushed lemongrass with the oil, and Donald & Lily's Rempah Paste

2) Add 1 litre of coconut milk with 700- 800 ml of water or soup stock depending how thick

you like the gravy to be. Simmer with a low fire.

3) Add fried tofu puffs, salt & sugar to taste.

4) When gravy is cooked, serve with blanched noodles

5) Top with personal favorites such as prawns, cockles, fishcakes, hard boiled egg and not forgetting daun kesum and torch ginger

5) Serve with dollop of sambal (chilli paste) as a condiment, for that added kick!

Tip: Daun kesum is not only used for fragrance, but also to helps prevent the bloating of the

stomach when eating something ‘rich’ like coconut milk…so that you can slurp up the gravy!

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