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Ikan Gerang Assam (Assam Fish)

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Ikan Gerang Assam (Assam Fish)

Serves: 2-4

Level: A knowledge of local fish or ask a fish monger


  • 2 packets of Donald & Lily’s Rempah Paste

  • 2 pieces stingray or any other fish such as siakap, ikan kembong, ikan selah

  • 2 crushed or bruised lemongrass

  • Assam paste (easily bought from the store so you don't need to prep the traditional way)

  • 5 lime leaves

  • 2 tomaoes (cut into 4 quarters)

  • 4 ladies fingers (washed and each sliced into 3) or you may leave it as a whole

  • Torch ginger (optional)


1) In a pot, saute the lemongrass with paste

2) Pour in little water and simmer gravy, add in torch ginger

3) Add in your choice of fish; salt and sugar to taste,

4) Add 1 tablespoon of assam paste ( taste and adjust according to your tanginess and taste )

5) Tear in the lime leaves and add tomatoes

6) Add in ladies fingers

7) Turn off the heat when fish is just cooked, garnish with torch ginger after

8) Eat it while its hot with white rice,salted egg and cucumber with hands !!

Aiyooooo sedapppppppppp! (delicious)

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