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Jennifer Tan

(Second Generation of Donald & Lily)

A business that began from a push-cart started by Donald & Lily. This home-grown Melakan brand is now spearheaded by their daughter, Jennifer Tan. Known best for her signature nyonya laksa (laksa lemak), Jennifer's restaurant was often the first pit-stop for the enthusiastic out-of-town foodie.

Today Jennifer is pivoting her business, with a desire to share her recipes with entrepreneurs who are starting up their food business journey. With one paste, versatile recipes, and her knowledge of cooking, Donald & Lily's Paste intends to help new businesses and cooks, thrive.


Find Donald & Lily's Signature Laksa

at The Bendahari Markets Snackbar.


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Jennifer with Towkay Ah Seng at Gan Hong Hoe Wet Market, Bukit Cina Melaka
Portrait by CJ Fen

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